Colorado Mom Is Freaked Out By ‘Elf-Like Creature’ Captured On Her Security Footage –

Check it out!—-more—-Security Camera footage to send chills down your spine. In a Texas neighborhood, owners of home security cameras were left with quite a chilling mystery as a barefoot woman with what appears to be security restraints hanging from her wrists rings doorbells and then disappears.

Her driver was an earth pony mare by the name of Banana muffin, she had yellow fur and a white mane, and of course her cutie mark was one of the delicious pastries for which she was named. She, like her other crewmember, was looking out their view slits for any sign of trouble.

A lot of people with medical knowledge will cry fowl regarding Enya’s explanation for her reverse hand (remember that, like her son, she has two right hands). My hand wave is that the surgeon was a Stand user. I think you can fill in the blanks from there. Either way, tell me what you think about Enya being introduced early.

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2019 Stanley Cup Playoffs: Day 27 Open Thread Alright let me kick off this thread about all things nhl playoffs (so I quit bothering the Avalanche fans by posting about their opponent in the Avalanche thread) with my first round picks. Tampa over Columbus in 7, Bobrovsky keeps it closer than many expect Boston over Toronto in 5, the Leaves aren’t that good Washington over Carolina in 4, lost in the storm surge excitement is that they’re.

Colorado Mom Is Freaked Out By ‘Elf-Like Creature’ Captured On Her Security Footage The freaked-out mom says it can’t be her 9-year-old son, since she doesn’t let him outside at night by himself.

Jets Lose Again, Drop to Second Place With no running game and Josh McCown dinking and dunking and throwing interceptions (two), the Jets reached the end zone only once in a 21-12 loss to the Buffalo Bills on Sunday at New Era Field. The Jets played down to expectations, as their many offensive blemishes came to the surface — and Buffalo isn’t even a strong defensive team.

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Championship rumours: Leeds United miss out on huge target, Aston Villa rival Arsenal for midfielder – Stoke-on-Trent Live – Alternatively, they can cut out the voucher in today’s Sentinel and hand it in. Follow us on Instagram – Featuring pictures past and present from across Stoke-on-Trent, North Staffordshire & South.John Hendricks Just Listed his Colorado Ranch for an Insane $279 Million