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> My Property is Not Worth That Much! Nebraska’s Property Assessment and Protest Process. An owner disagreeing with either a new assessment or an assessment that has carried over from the prior year may file a written protest with the County Board of Equalization on or before June 30.

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We’ve gone through and gathered a list of the Top 11 reasons why texas property owners do not file a property tax appeal. Number 11 – Guesstimates of assessed value are established by computers, and we all know computers are ALWAYS correct.. Number 10 – If I file an appeal, they may send people in black helicopters after me.

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examining the accuracy of the tax roll; obtaining missing tax bills for clients; With over 17 years experience in Property Tax Consulting and real estate appraisal, Roberts Tax Appeals can efficiently and effectively handle all your property tax needs – for commercial, residential, and personal property.

If you purchased a property between January 1st and June 1st of the current year (or already own a property from a prior year), you can protest your property taxes during May. If you happen to close on a property at the end of May you can still go to the appraisal district and file that day (you will get a hearing in the June/July timeframe, if no one is available to see you immediately).

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