Young Building Professionals Look to Attract More Like Themselves

The decline in millennials in government roles may be less obvious. According to the Washington Post, the loss of young workers in government jobs is related to more difficult realities of the industry, like federal shutdowns, furloughs, pay freezes, and a frustrating hiring process.

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Attracting Young Professionals-Part 1. key findings 1. younger professionals are similar to older prospects in attitudes but not in needs. KEY FINDINGS 2. The image of Rotary is outdated and uninviting. KEY FINDINGS 3. Rotary’s identity is unclear. key findings 4. rotary’s value proposition is unclear. KEY FINDINGS 5.

I’m a 29 year old college graduate with a business management degree working in the construction industry of Western Pennsylvania.. you want to see more young people headed into the world of.

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Young Building Professionals Look to Attract More Like Themselves Filed in Labor, Safety and Health , Student Chapters by NAHB Now on June 19, 2019 0 Comments Attracting new workers to the trades is a top priority of NAHB, HBAs, construction companies, schools, governments, economists, and pretty much anyone else with an interest in home building.

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To attract more like herself into home building, Goerke notes NAHB and HBAs can "get involved at the college, community college or trade school level. It’s an easy way to access dozens of young professionals at once that have an interest in the industry.